Team Roles & Effective Teams

Team Roles & Effective Teams

Introduction to Belbin Team Roles

One-hour in-person or virtual session or half-day workshop

Mohr Collaborative is accredited to administer the Belbin Team Roles profile and to conduct Belbin Team Roles workshops.

Belbin Team Roles focuses your people outward, on how they work with other people and how they are perceived, not inward on their own personality traits. It is results-focused. Rather than starting with personality traits and extrapolating how those might interact on a team, it starts with the behaviors that a successful team needs and asks people how their team can fill those roles. The framework of team roles depersonalizes discussions when conflicts arise. Most important, participants report that the insight they get into their preferences can be immediately applied and has lasting impact on their performance. Participants learn to analyze their team’s role preferences and plan steps to address imbalances.

Belbin Team Roles