We guide teams of high-potential employees through an intense, structured innovation program that results in new products, services and processes. As participants grow their businesses we develop their abilities in scenario-based thinking, strategic alignment, organizational networking, influencing others and other leadership skills.
The projects that come out of our 3-5-month programs get implemented and make money. Examples include--
  • A new cross-product position that generated annual commissions of $8-10 million without cannibalizing revenue
  • Entry into a new market that is generating $50 million revenue in its first year
Clients' implement over 50% of the projects from these programs and the new revenues cover the program costs many times over.
We've spent twelve years designing and implementing innovation “greenhouses” for our clients. Our philosophy is based on the belief that each participant has the ability to lead, a desire for tangible results and a need to learn by doing. Clients hire us year after year because our approach encourages, teaches and supports innovation and sustains it throughout the corporate culture.