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Mohr Collaborative helps organizations prepare their emerging leaders to recognize opportunities, drive innovation, and deliver long-term organizational success. At the heart of Mohr Collaborative is our commitment to empower individuals to lead, create and grow effectively.

We help people and the organizations they work for experience their greatest potential. Encouraging, guiding and teaching them to capitalize on personal and professional opportunities that deliver sustainable competitive advantage.

Mohr Collaborative is a trusted partner for talent driven organizations preparing their emerging leaders to recognize opportunities, drive innovation, and deliver long-term organizational success.


Create and launch groundbreaking solutions that anticipate and meet customer needs.

Our half-day and full-day workshops uniquely combine coaching with the award-winning ExperienceInnovation™ simulation co-developed by our partners IDEO and ExperiencePoint, to help you create a culture of innovation where great ideas become great solutions that deliver powerful impact.

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What We Do

Help businesses grow by teaching & coaching the people who make growth happen.

98% of all participants recommend the program. Our programs have increased employee retention rates by as much as 20%.

Mohr Collaborative fuels growth by unlocking the potential of promising leaders. Our programs embed leadership skills development inside real experience driving new opportunities for growth. A proven approach that satisfies high-potential talent’s need for challenging opportunities and continuous feedback.

More than 50% of all projects are realized

Traditional leadership development programs promise improved performance, but their impact is hard to measure. For over 10 years, Mohr Collaborative has delivered performance improvements, plus real impact in revenue, cost savings and increased talent retention. The results pay for the program many times over.

Our holistic approach combines coaching with active learning

Team Coaching

Coaches monitor and guide team effectiveness and mentor teams through project completion


Individual Coaching

Performance feedback from highly trained coaches – typically reserved only for executives.

Skills Development

As they identify opportunities to grow revenue or reduce costs, build their case, and get buy-in, participants develop skills such as strategic thinking, data analysis, effective communication & organizational awareness.


Innovation Projects

Teams receive critique and guidance from executives and coaches while developing solutions that generate revenue, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

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