Design Thinking

Design Thinking


Design Thinking is a set of tools and practices that ensure that the solutions you offer are the ones that people will choose to adopt or buy. Design thinking works for products and services, as well as internal processes.

Whether you are aiming for a solution that keeps you in the game or one that completely changes the game, your solution must be desirable for users, technically feasible, and financially viable. Design thinking shifts your focus and investment of time and resources toward ensuring desirability, because a solution only succeeds if someone wants to use it.

But just because design thinking makes sense doesn’t mean it’s easy. For many people and organizations it represents a significant change in mindset: from a focus on avoiding negative outcomes to a focus on seeking opportunities for creation, growth, and advancement; from starting with the questions “What can we do?” and “What can we sell?” to starting by observing what people do and asking “How might we help?”

Design thinking provides very specific guidance to make this change. You can’t tell people to be more creative and expect innovation. But you can give them a proven structure to get them there.

Experience Innovation IDEO

Training & Workshops


Foundations for Design Thinking

1/2 Day | 12-250 participants

LAUNCHPAD is a comprehensive crash-course in the design thinking approach. Teams learn essential practices of human-centered design including user observation, forming and communicating insights, rapid prototyping, and experimentation.

LAUNCHPAD incorporates the award-winning ExperienceInnovation™ simulation co-developed by our partners IDEO and ExperiencePoint.


Immersive Design Thinking & Solution Development

1 Day-3 Months | 12-250 participants

Design Thinking must be practiced in a real context to be internalized and adapted to work in your organization. Mohr Collaborative designs innovation challenges and coaches participants through a structured process leading to desirable, feasible, viable solutions for real customers.

LAUNCH kicks off with ExperienceInnovation™, the half-day simulation co-developed by our partners IDEO and ExperiencePoint. Under the guidance and collaboration of a dedicated coach, participants then immediately apply the tools and processes to real challenges, working over a period of days, weeks, or months to frame the challenge, gather data, form insights, generate ideas, run experiments, and develop solutions.


Design Thinking enables people to:

    • Develop a common language for innovation.
    • Put customers at the center of design efforts.
    • Grow nascent ideas into powerful solutions.
    • Build a more innovative work culture.

So your organization can:

  • Strengthen competitive advantage.
  • Achieve operational efficiencies.
  • Minimize risk when forging into new territory.
  • Build greater engagement with customers and employees.
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