We focus on the following objectives throughout our programs, beginning with custom designed workshops and presentations ranging from an hour to a day each, and continuing through team and individual coaching.

Foster a broader organizational perspective

Provide participants with a cross-business, cross-regional, cross functional perspective on the organization to which they would not otherwise be exposed

Build substantive professional connections with senior leaders

Participants see how senior leaders think and begin to model “executive thinking” skills. They also establish connections that last far beyond the program and can result in career opportunities.

Acquire and practice innovation skills

Provide participants with the tools they will need to seek out, develop and pitch a sound, viable, strategically aligned proposal on which senior management can act

Jump start innovation

Guide participants through the stages of identifying an opportunity. Introduce what it means to think about innovation and guide them in practicing proven innovation behaviors. Motivate participants to do something new.

Build stronger networks and effective teams

Build cohesion and support amongst all participants and enable the project teams to begin working together effectively by making concrete decisions together about roles and effective use of team members’ various strengths

Lay the groundwork for individual development

Provide participants with frameworks they can use to monitor and evaluate their performance.