“Traditional presentation training often leads the speaker to a robotic approach,  with a lot of rules to follow.  Ilyse realizes that any presentation, whether to a small group or a large audience, is actually a performance…and a chance to draw the group into your story.  She carefully adapts this to your personality, so you feel like your best authentic self in delivery, and her positive energy is infectious!”

Holly Harrison

“Ilyse was a high energy, experienced, and motivating speaker. She taught the team some great tips and tricks for presenting, which I still leverage today and often. With Ilyse’s coaching and tips, I built the confidence to present in an auditorium setting, in front of an executive panel, and with no notes.”

Era Ziroe

“Thank you for all of the work and effort you put in to making the VP Development Program a great success. I enjoyed the entire process from unsuccessfully trying to build a slingshot at opening week to preparing to present to the Seniors yesterday. I learned a lot about not only Citi but about myself and how I can improve to become a better leader.”

Michael T. Hoey

“I’ve participated in a few different leadership training courses over my career, I can say with confidence that this ‘live action’ training was much more valuable than the others combined in large part to the coaches, especially Glen and Ilyse, who were fantastic.

“Again, thank you for the opportunity to participate in this program. I have four new close friends from different areas of the organization and got to meet several more people I wouldn’t have otherwise had the chance to interact with thanks to this program. It was challenging, enjoyable, rewarding, and valuable.”

James M. Bailey, CFA

“Thank you for your time, leadership and the experience of this program. Although challenging, it has helped immensely with the navigation and building of a network here within Citi along with being able to depict and sway opinions to keep focus on a common goal.”

Kurt Dzibela

“Thank you for your help, time and support over the last three months. The guidance and feedback provided was valuable and ultimately led us to a successful proof of concept and presentation. The VP Development Program has been a great experience for us all and we are equally as excited about seeing this concept forward and to implementation. Thanks again for keeping us on track, providing a good amount of ‘tough love’ and helping us thrive as a team.”

ICG VP Development Program Team 13