Bring your team dynamics to life through activities, simulations, and problem solving.  We use a variety of exercises that engage the mind, body, and energy of participants at all levels in an organization.

The outcomes are as follows:

  • Change the energy of your meeting or offsite

Have your participants been sitting all day?  Are they in Powerpoint overload?  Do you need to change the energy in the room and in your people?  Experiential learning does just that.  Get people out of their seats, out of their normal way of thinking, and perhaps out of their comfort zone as well.

  • Have an opportunity for individuals to put new behaviors into practice AND recognize how difficult that can be

It has been proven time and again that people learn best when they can practice a skill or experience a situation and respond in the moment.  Participants true style, personality, and preferences surface when they are consumed by the task at hand – in other words, they get ‘caught’ being themselves – and can see behaviors they normally might miss.

  • Witness the team dynamics in the moment that can foster worthwhile conversations about what is working and what is not

It can be difficult to get into the hard conversations as a team – how do we start?  Who goes first?  What do we reference as an example?  After an experiential learning opportunity, an example has just happened!  Check in on team members’ reactions to their process and progress.

  • Create enthusiasm, fun, and opportunities for connection moving forward

Once people have a memorable experience together, their frame of reference for each other grows and that increases the probability of connection later – they are more likely to call each other, reach out for help, and connect on different issues.