Two key elements set our programs apart from others:

  • A customized  design based on a deep understanding of our client’s business and  culture and its impacts on participants’ ability to innovate;
  • Clear outcomes that directly hit the bottom line.

The cornerstone of our program is “learning through success.” After an in-person session that introduces the task and core concepts, teams develop a project idea, actively engage with their executive sponsors and receive expert guidance from us. At the end of several months they present a business innovation to their executive team. This immersive approach ensures that participants learn how to conceive and execute a new business idea with the benefit of real ROI for client companies.  All of our programs contain these key elements:

  • Core foundations curriculum
  • Active executive sponsorship
  • Performance coaching
  • Network building
  • Learning through real-world application
  • Motivation from business impact

We seamlessly integrate skill development and performance coaching. Participants find themselves in a unique situation demanding new ways of thinking and acting but also freeing them to experiment.

We use our experience of having coached over 100 teams through our process to determine  what is needed at a given time. No matter how good a team is we strive to make them better.

Our typical program begins with three to five days of core curriculum that includes sessions on strategic thinking, understanding your customer and managing teams. During the team’s innovation project work, we communicate with them on both a scheduled and as-needed basis. We are on-call 24/7 for the entire duration of the program. We are skilled educators – we tune our communication with the team to the medium, frequency and tone to which they respond best.

Core Program Elements

Skill Development

The program launch includes core curriculum on such skills as thinking strategically, finding the right people to talk to, collecting and analyzing data, using  tools and frameworks, making effective use of senior executive time and presenting financials. We reinforce the learning throughout the entire program. We address knowledge gaps and customize lessons to take advantage of the moments when participants are most receptive.

Team  and  Personal Coaching

Through frequent contact with teams, attending their meetings with their sponsors, and through individual communication, we monitor  how they organize themselves, operate in a virtual environment, make decisions and work together. We provide targeted advice and tactics for improving team effectiveness.

We  also provide feedback to individuals based on observations of interactions within the team and with senior managers, and when presenting ideas and responding to critiques.

Strengthening the Network

We act as the “community manager,” the link between teams, recognizing and encouraging work in progress and highlighting accomplishments and strategies so that participants can learn and benefit from one another’s ideas and efforts. We help them build a network that continues beyond the program end.

Project Deliverables

We keep teams focused on the project criteria defined during the opening session and reinforce these by identifying where work is needed and the specific questions that must be answered.  Drawing on ten years of examples, we  show teams how to address key issues, coordinate with stakeholders to reinforce the critical areas and work together to overcome obstacles.