Effective teams result from more than an elusive set of chance circumstances and “good chemistry.” Mohr Collaborative helps clients create rewarding team experiences and, more important, learn how to replicate them.

Through consultations, profiling, team assessment instruments and coaching we give attention to the entire process, from team composition to creating a supportive environment to helping team members identify and modify counter-productive behaviors. Participants and their senior sponsors learn how to rapidly get a team of peers to make the best use of all its members’ strengths and then apply the lessons learned to future teams. Managers identify employees’ strengths and the role they prefer working as part of a team.

How We Help

Team Formation

It seems obvious that companies can ensure greater success through the selection and assessment of team members. But what is not obvious is just who are the best team members. Defining this starts with clarity around business objectives, well-defined success criteria for team deliverables, and transparency around each individual members’ professional development goals. Too often, members are selected for prior performance that may or may not inform their potential contribution on the team. We employ experience in forming hundreds of team with customized profiling and proven instruments such as the Belbin Team Roles assessment, the MBTI and the FourSight model.

Team Coaching

Effective teams are not born, they are created.  Coaching helps team focus, develop norms, clarify purpose and appreciate differences. In today’s rapid paced environment, individuals often do not have the time or inclination to reflect on process and ways to improve a group experience. Our experienced facilitators and coaches help client teams leverage their strengths, establish effective communications and remain focused.

Virtual Team Coaching

We have extensive experience working with virtual teams. Managing group projects across several time zones and different cultures can present unique challenges. We help teams navigate new territory, form strong relationships and stay on track through regular coaching discussions and as-needed facilitation. We also help them set up the optimal communication methods to ensure that all members participate effectively.

Individual Coaching

At times, individual members require coaching. It may be their first time participating in a cross-business team or they may find themselves at a loss when there is not a clear hierarchy. Other times, an individual is having problems fitting in or contributing. We help participants address the key issues, identify ways to remedy the situations and become an integral team member.