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The Fintech Challenge


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The Fintech Challenge:

Digital Disruption

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Half-day or full-day workshop

The Fintech Challenge: Digital Disruption is an HBS-style case study that organizations can use for a variety of objectives:

  • To provide essential context to set corporate or business unit strategy and achieve leadership team alignment in a complex and volatile (VUCA) environment.
  • To enhance executive insight on the threats and opportunities posed by digital disruption, including potential competitive threats and responses.
  • As a foundation for initiatives to enhance customer-centric efforts. These may include understanding emerging Customer Journey maps, leveraging Voice of the Customer investments, etc.

The case has been used as the core content for multi-day leadership development programs focused on strategic thinking. Opportunities for practicing decision-making, influence skills, executive presence, and storytelling can be built around the case study.

The Hogan Judgment instrument complements this case as a means to add insight to decision making biases and preferences.

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Fintech Challenge