Presentation Skills
& Executive Presence

The Importance of Presence

ExperienceInnovation_4How you present yourself in front of peers or managers can have a lasting impact on the outcomes you are looking to achieve – even more than you might think. Everything from your body language, to the stories you tell – and how you tell them, will influence the reception of you message and perceptions of your intentions.

While it’s impossible to control how others think, having

Training & Workshops

Storytelling for Business

Half Day or Full Day | 5-250 participants

Storytelling allows presenters to connect with audiences on personal and intuitive levels. The most effective business stories establish a sense of collaboration between the presenter and the listeners, and motivate the audience to take desired actions. This interactive, experiential, customized training program reveals storytelling craft and presentation techniques, including how to:

  • Deliver meaningful business stories that inspire action.
  • Effectively create the arc of the story.
  • Select a unique, personal story that suits the occasion.
  • Recognize the link between the universal and the personal through myths and metaphor.
  • Apply acting technique to bring the audience into the world of the story.
  • Use the Rehearsal Process: the foolproof, three-step preparation method used by actors.

Presenting Your Best Self

4 Hours | up to 15 participants

Prepares participants to deliver genuine and impactful presentations.

Includes preparation and how to rehearse, knowing the audience, preparing and telling a story, recognizing and overcoming nervousness, use of humor, building rapport with the audience and delivering with confidence through body language, projection, pace, tone, articulation, eye contact, and active listening.

Presence for Leaders

4 Hours | 6 participants

Provides a grounding in what it takes to create genuine presence, influence people in the right way and exhibit authenticity. Participants learn to communicate better, support their business by living their values, and achieve the outcomes they want.

  • Alignment: Understanding brand; aligning brand and values through a narrative.
  • Executive Presence: Communicating positively and authentically.
  • Personal Impact: Communication challenges, Emotional Intelligence, body language, building rapport.
  • Intercultural Communication: Communication virtually and between cultures; cultural models within the workplace.
  • Influencing: Knowing what can be influenced; the relevance of personality types; how brand contributes to influencing.

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