Team Building

Team Building

Experiential learning, problem solving & assessments

Full-day or half-day workshops, or integrated into larger programs

Mohr Collaborative’s Team Building activities and programs are rooted in experiential learning, problem solving, and assessments with contextual opportunities to affect change.

Programs can be customized to fit size, needs and challenges of teams, and can be integrated into other programs:

  • Assessments: MBTI, DISC, StrengthsFinder – led by trained professionals who guide contextual learning for personal and professional advancement.
  • Large Team Building Programs: Longer programs combining competition and fun, geared to providing hands-on construction and coordination exercises (i.e. vehicle design/building, egg-drop, etc.) to help individuals work more effectively together.
  • Small Team Building: Shorter programs (most are an hour or less) providing varying levels of problem solving, collaboration, trust building, and process improvement. Can be integrated or combined to build programs specific to individual client needs.
  • Get-to-Know-You and Energizers: Short, interactive exercises that help to connect or re-connect people after meals, breaks, etc. Ideal for integrating into larger programs.
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